Red Rock

Mid-March - Mid-April

Located only 30 minutes west of Las Vegas, Red Rock is an international destination for climbers. Vertical Voyages owner Jon Richard has partnered with Red Rock Climbing Center to offer opportunities in the canyon during late march and early April. He usually schedules his trip around the Red Rock Rendezvous – a super fun annual climbing event.  Once specific dates are set, they will be published on this page, so check back or e-mail Jon directly to reserve time.


Red Rock is the perfect venue to learn or experience multi-pitch climbing. No prior multi-pitch experience is necessary. Clients can also pick a route that they would like to climb, even if it is not on the list below. The following climbs are suggested climbs that are noteworthy for the grade.

Moderate Climbs

Cookie Monster to Cat-in-the-Hat (5.7) (5 – 8 Pitches)

Secret Route (8 Pitches with a Unique Final Pitch)

Geronimo (5.6) (4 Pitches)

Lady Luck (5.7) (7 Pitches)

Rising Moons into Sunset Slab (7 Pitches)

Birdland (5.7) (5 Pitches)

Olive Oil (5.7) (5 Pitches)

Intermediate Climbs

Black Dagger (5.8) (4 Pitches)

Bourbon Street (5.8) (7 Pitches)

Dark Shadows to the Top (5.8) (10 Pitches)

Purblind Pillar (5.8) (6 Pitches)

Frigid Air Buttress (5.9) (7 Pitches)

Armatron (5.9) (6 Pitches)

Sweet Thin (5.9) (6 Pitches)

Community Pillar (5.9) (7 Pitches)

Sour Mash (5.10a) (6 Pitches)

Multi-Pitch Rates (Moderate - Intermediate)

(6 – 8 Hours)

1 Person: $350.00

2 People: $300.00 per Person

Advanced Climbs

Walker Spur to Cat-in-the-Hat (5.10b/c) (4 Pitches)

Epinephrine (5.9) (12+ Pitches)

The Nightcrawler (5.10+) (5 Pitches)

Inti Wantana (5.10) (12 Pitches)

Multi-Pitch Rates (Advanced)

(8 – 12 Hours)

1 Person: $400.00

2 People: $375.00 per Person

Climbers are responsible for their own personal equipment, transportation, and lodging.