AMGA SPI Assessment

The SPI Assessment can be taken immediately following the SPI Course if the candidate successfully completed the course and meets the assessment prerequisites. However, it is highly recommended that the SPI Course candidate take time practicing and consolidating the skills learned in the course before assessment (6-12 months).


Assessment Length: 2 Days

Cost: $325.00


You are a current member of the AMGA.

You have successfully completed an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course.

You have led a minimum of 40 traditional routes, most of which should be 5.6 and on a variety of rock types.

You are able to comfortably lead 5.6 traditional routes, which means you place protection.

You are able to comfortably climb 5.8 on top rope.

You do not need First Aid training to take the course or assessment. However, it is your responsibility to hold appropriate medical certification for the location that you are working in.


Risk Management

Client Care

Technical Systems


Terrain Assessment

Movement Skills

Mountain Sense


Instructional Technique

Step 1: Register with AMGA. Select course codes with the “JONR” prefix.

Available Dates

Step 2: Register with Vertical Voyages

SPI Course