About Tree Climbing

What is technical tree climbing?

Tree climbing is an emerging adventure sport that uses specialized equipment to climb tall trees.  This sport allows climbers to experience the forest from an extremely unique and rare perspective.   Vertical Voyages offers group climbing programs and courses for both novice and advanced climbers.

Why do we climb trees?

We climb trees to appreciate not just their aesthetics, but also to create a connection and better understanding of their significance to us.  In addition to providing oxygen, trees play an important role in providing clean air, shade and beauty and for many, a spiritual value.  Climbing a tree often leads to a deeper respect for nature.

The trees we climb are tall mature trees with broad canopies.   We use ropes and safety equipment to ascend into our lofty classroom.  Our typical introductory program is approximately 2 – 3 hours and is specifically designed for novices.  The adventure begins with an orientation and ground school.   We first introduce everyone to the tree they will be climbing and participants are fitted with personal safety equipment consisting of a tree climb saddle and climbing helmet.  After everyone is geared up, our expert instructors will teach climbers how to ascend into the tree using special ropes anchored high in the tree.  We do not climb the tree trunk.   After ground school, participants use the remaining time to practice climbing and exploring the tree.  While in the canopy participants learn about how trees grow and are able to observe how all the branches attach to the main stem of the tree.   The view from the top is incredible and provides a very unique look into the parks and forests that we use for our programs.   After participants have climbed as high as they desire they are able to descend to the ground with the help of our instructors.   We then de-issue gear and close with participants sharing what they observed and learned during their climbing experience.

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How to Get Started

Enroll in one of our introductory experiences, book a private climb with one of our expert guides, or take our Basic Tree Climbing courses.

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Opportunities for Kids

We offer a Climbing Adventure Camp at Camp Ondessonk and a Conservation Day Camp at Powder Valley.

Opportunities for Schools

We offer educational field trips for schools, home school associations, and universities.  Contact us for more information.