Basic Courses

Climb Trees Recreationally

This 16 – 18-hour course is for individuals who wish to climb trees recreationally. During the course, you will learn to climb large trees by using a Moving Rope Technique (MRS, formerly DdRT). You will also learn how to select trees and install and set up a moving rope climbing system. In this hands-on course, much of the time will be spent tying knots and practicing skills. We will cover what gear you need and how to select the proper equipment for your climbing goals.

Who should take this course?

This is the perfect course for tree workers wishing to learn new and more efficient climbing techniques and recreationalists interested in exploring large trees.

Day 1


Gear for Tree Climbing

Knots and Hitches

Throwing Techniques 

Installing the Climbing System

Moving Rope Climbing Technique

Tree Inspection and Identification

Day 2

Practice Session and Review of Skills

Positioning and Transitions

Limb Walking

Foot Locking

Introduction to the Hitch Climber System

Gear Selection

Gear Care, Storage, and Maintenance


1 : 1 – $600 per Person

2 : 1 – $500 per Person

3 : 1 – $400 per Person

Price includes comprehensive PDF resources, help customizing your tree climbing kit, and a discount code for


All tree equipment is included for use throughout the course. Students will need to purchase there own personal kit after the course.


Wyman Center

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