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Build Teamwork and Increase Environmental Awareness

Great Learning is an adventurous experience – a lifelong transformation in how you think, feel, and commit yourself to action and interact with other people and our planet. Vertical Voyages’ can be a catalyst for great learning and growth by providing participants the challenge and opportunity to engage in a transformative outdoor experience. Tree climbing is a safe, active, meaningful, and unique outdoor experience that allows participants to build experiences in the canopy of a giant living organism, firmly secured to our planet Earth. Relevant interdisciplinary lessons in the context of adventure create a learning experience that goes far beyond the classroom and lasts far longer than a semester. Contact us about your educational goals, and we will create an experience in line with your school’s curriculum.

Why climb trees?

It’s educational.

It builds teamwork, trust, and responsibility.

It increases environmental awareness.

It incorporates science and math skills.

It’s great exercise.

It’s fun!


Length: 2-3 Hours

Number of Students per Session: 12 – 24

Do you have more than 24 students? We can do program rotations throughout the day. A Vertical Voyages instructor can help you plan the perfect field trip for your class or scout troop.


Wyman Center

Got trees? We may be able to prepare a tree at your school or camp. Additional fees apply. We can also train your teachers to become facilitators. Contact us for more information.

Who We Work With

Rossman School

John Burroughs School

Forsyth School

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Wyman Center

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Vertical Voyages is an approved Community Partner for The Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.