How safe are you?

Answer these questions honestly.

In addition to checking yourself, do you double-check your partner?

When climbing outside, do you close your climbing system (i.e. in addition to tying-in properly, you also have a knot in the other end of your rope)?

Do you consider the orientation of the gate on the BOLT-SIDE carabiner when hanging quickdraws?

Do you consider bolts outside to be as trustworthy as bolts in the gym?

When cleaning a 2-bolt sport anchor, what would happen if one bolt failed? Choose the single resulting consequence.

Which material is better for a personal anchor tether?

Do you use an auto block when rappelling?

Do both you and your belayer wear a helmet?

Do you typically lower or rappel when cleaning anchors?

Do you communicate your intention with your belayer when you reach the anchor?

Have you knowingly had a close call?

How many years have you been climbing?

What is your email address?